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Senseforth in Banking

Jenny hates wading through complex banking websites. More so waiting on the call-center lines. She now chats with Senseforth to find specific information, place requests, give instructions and even perform banking transactions.

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Senseforth in Healthcare

Dr. Keith treats hundreds of patients every week. Senseforth's intelligent medical assistant helps Dr. Keith quickly retrieve patient information including diagnoses, prescriptions, medical history and even medical imaging on the go.

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Senseforth in Telecom

Senseforth helps Jason choose the right data plan by asking a few simple questions over a chat. Being a millennial, Jason loves chatting, for fun and of course, to get things done.

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Senseforth in Retail

Senseforth is the perfect shopping mate for Lisa, who can get the right options based on her shopping personality. She doesn’t have to click on dozens of filters and search through hundreds of products any more.

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Senseforth in Travel

No more complex form filling. Susan can find the right travel deals, ask for information, seek clarification, and even check-in by simply chatting with Senseforth.

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Pre-built Industry
AI Models
Our pre-built industry AI models can launch your Intelligent Bot within days!
  • Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Travel

Our Intelligent Bots make it happen

Answering queries

Your customers have a plethora of questions and want an instant response. Senseforth engages with them one-on-one in a humanized manner.

Resolving issues

It’s not just about getting answers, your customers want their issues resolved too. Senseforth categorizes, prioritizes, and helps resolve issues with amazing speed and accuracy.

Performing tasks

Senseforth also performs tasks based on context and need. Completing simple tasks to complex backend transactions - it’s a breeze for Senseforth.


By Senseforth

A.ware is the neo-cortex of Senseforth. It mimics human cognitive abilities in reading, comprehending, interpreting, and conversing. This ability combined with machine learning and actionization creates a powerful platform to build intelligent action bots for your business.

Senseforth’s special purpose bots learn and evolve based on guided learning principles and are proficient with customer emotion.

How it works

Pre-built Industry
AI Models

Our pre-built industry AI models can launch your Intelligent Bot within days!


Derives intent from a multitude of scenarios.


Nestles the intent into a meaningful context.


Asks relevant questions and engages in a dialog.


Takes the right action from a myriad of possibilities.


Trains through user feedback and pattern recognition.


Formulates in-depth insights into user behavior.

Intelligent Bots

Meet some of our bots. They can transform your external touch points and internal operational intersections. These hard working Bots can unlock superior value for your organization so that you can now focus on your top priorities like product innovation. Senseforth Bots rationalize your costs while enhancing customer delight. They can also surface products and services as and when needed on any platform – web, mobile, social and messaging. They can recommend, guide and help in gentle discovery. Get in touch with Senseforth to get a comprehensive set of bots for your business.

Chat Bot

Intelligent agent to interact with your customers and answer all their queries

Email Bot

Reads all your customer emails, categorizes, prioritizes, actionizes and helps resolve their issues.

Knowledge Bot

Comprehends all unstructured data in your organization and provides knowledge nuggets on demand.

Sales Bot

Surfaces your products and services where needed and provides a gentle discovery.

Offers Bot

Delivers right offers on location to your customers. anytime, anywhere.

Remittances Bot

Streamlines your remittances and makes the entire process efficient.

Insights Bot

Provides meaningful insights and isolates root causes for systemic action.

Training Bot

Offers on demand bite-sized training to enable continuous learning.

HR Bot

Addresses employee queries and helps in onboarding and retention.


Helps customers accomplish their goals with their DIY projects.

Wealth Bot

Structures personalized portfolios to your customers and advises on investment opportunities.

Search Bot

Provides smart predictive search to find relevant information/products

Senseforth Advantage

So intuitive, So easy!

Super Easy Integration

Our bots are built to integrate with any of your existing systems seamlessly.

Hyper Scalable

Our bots can scale up and down on demand absorbing future shocks.

Operational Efficiency

Our bots can dramatically bring down “Cost to Serve”.

Pay as you go

No extensive upfront investment required. Pay as you derive the benefits.

Essence of Senseforth


Best-in-Class NLP

Benchmarked NLP engine built from ground-up with proprietary concepts like intentology, metanyms and synergistic boundaries.

Guided Learning

Senseforth’s guided learning engine learns continuously based on user inputs, feedback, and pattern recognition. Safe from any brainwashing by internet trolls.


Actionization takes instant action based on the user context and need. Our bots can connect to various applications and can even kick off workflows.

Deploy Anywhere

Senseforth AI bots can be deployed on web, mobile, internal systems, messaging apps and even on social platforms.

Out-of-Box Connectors

Senseforth connectors streamline implementations to jump-start your go-live with minimal configuration.

In-depth Analytics

Senseforth Analytics engine generates meaningful insights and isolates root causes and key issues for systemic action.

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